The Yurts of Two Bears Dancing Revealed

Two Bears Dancing has a heritage that connects significantly with a structure called a yurt. Why yurts on this beautiful spiritual property?

Yurts are very much favored in spiritual traditions and have been found to be conducive to healing and spiritual practices. Because they are circular in shape everyone present inside is coequal encouraging a sense of community. According to many beliefs there is no place for negative energy to hide with its unique architecture. The structure of a yurt involves a balance of tension  with an outer ring holding things in and a complementarty tension at the top of the yurt pushing things out. So the balance of tensions is part of the whole process as well and can be considered analogous to the balance of one’s spiritual life.

All three of the yurts on the Two Bears Dancing property were constructed as a communal building process involving people of the community coming together to build them. In fact the owners’ request of their wedding guests was to help in the building of their first  yurt. To build the treehouse yurt, Pamela and David enlisted the help of yurt builder William Coperthwaite, who pioneered yurt building in the United States in the 1960s. He agreed to travel from his home in Maine to assist in the construction of the treehouse yurt but he had 2 requirements: The building of the yurt had to be a community effort and any tools used had to be simple and safe enough for a five year old to use. He described the building of the yurt not as a “yurt building process” but as a “sustainable living process”.