A Closer Look at Two Spiritual Features

In this video Pamela is going to take us on a brief journey that gives insight into a  couple of the spiritual features of this beautiful property.

First, there are 5 sculptures on the property and the one Pamela will speak about is “Changing Woman”.  This sculpture is a Navajo sculpture. If you look closely you’ll see that on one side her arms are folded and on one side they are hanging by her side. The folded arms represent the thought process – what’s the best choice to make in our life. We have changes to make and we’re not sure which way to go. The other side represents that when the change is made you can feel the difference; the relaxed sense of accomplishment when a decision is made. This is symbolic for the retreat – so many people come to the property for that very reason – they really want to look at their life and see the changes they want to make to become more of who they are. So the statue represents “I’m coming to the property with my arms folded trying to decide and I leave very open and very relaxed.”

The next feature that Pamela discusses is the fire pit and its predecessor which was a sweat lodge. A local Miwuk Indian Shaman became a wonderful friend. He did many healings on the property and clearings and protected it. He wanted to help us build a sweat lodge on the property. A sweat lodge is traditionally a temporary structure – you use it and then you dismantle it. So the sweat lodge is no longer there. In the center of the sweat lodge are volcanic rocks which get heated up in the fire pit and then with tongs are brought in to make this pile of rocks to heat up the sweat lodge which is covered with blankets. After the sweat lodge purification and the cleansing we would sit around the fire pit. The seats around the fire pit are made from trees from our property that we felled (because they needed to come down but we didn’t want to just toss them) – they have a perfect extended use all over the property.

carved-tree benches circle a fire pit